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Whether you need floors that will stand the test of time or are searching for something more stylish, natural stone has it all. It carries style, agelessness, and gracefulness into your space a single tile at a time.

Hastings Floor Covering provides a large variety of natural stone flooring, including granite, marble, travertine, limestone and slate.

Types of natural stone flooring

Natural stone flooring differs from other materials, and its unique markings, striations, and designs lend a special appearance you will enjoy.

Granite floors
Granite is a condensed natural stone comprising of mica, feldspar, and quartz. It is resistant to stains and scratches, making it a magnificent selection for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s obtainable in an incredible range of colors and styles, so you’ll discover what you need.

Marble flooring
Marble flooring displays patterned veining, making it the perfect material for people trying to add unique characteristics and some natural appeal to their homes. That said, marble is more easily stained and scratched thanks to its more porous nature, so it is preferable in spaces with less traffic.

Limestone flooring
Limestone is a subtle looking stone that comes in either a honed or matte finish. It's softer than some other stones, so it will demand aftercare every now and again and should always be correctly sealed for protection.

Travertine tile
Travertine tile has a distinctive look thanks to the way it’s made. Numerous holes run through the stone that is filled, honed, and polished to give it a unique, glamorous appearance. Travertine is sturdy, making it just about maintenance-free with typical wear.

Slate is one of the strongest natural stone flooring materials. It is resistant to scratches, breaks and chips and is an excellent option for baths, kitchens, and heavy traffic areas. Slate is a long-lasting flooring choice as well as often a statement piece with its range of color variations.

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How to get your natural stone flooring

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  • Installation of your natural stone floor - When our crew arrives, they’ll begin installing your new flooring. We offer top-quality natural stone, so you know you're getting the best.
  • Inspection and guarantee - After we install your flooring, we conduct a last inspection to ensure that you’re thrilled with the floors and discuss the warranty for your new flooring.

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