Commercial flooring installation


Commercial flooring installation facts

If you need commercial flooring installation, you already know this is a specialized service only some flooring companies offer. The considerations necessary for success differ from those of residential installations. We understand your needs and preferences, showing results you'll appreciate for many years.

If you're starting your commercial flooring remodel, consider all the facts, materials, and services that will come together to best serve your needs. We will be happy to answer questions and help you browse our extensive inventory. Here are some facts to consider as you prepare to shop.

Special attention to special needs

Commercial vinyl flooring could be a great choice depending on your environment and special situations like excessive loads, moisture, or foot traffic. However, you could also see excessive wear and premature flooring failure, especially in the busiest areas. The good news is that there are ways to work around these areas.

When we take all your considerations to the task before the installation starts, we can ensure the best product match for every space. We offer products with extensive wear protection, complete waterproof protection, and extended lifespans. We're happy to ensure they make it into your commercial flooring installation.



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The commercial installation process

Once you choose the best materials and plan for placement, we'll discuss the installation process and all the details. If you have specific needs for scheduling or breaking down a large project into smaller tasks, we'll address those needs. No matter what those needs are, we have the training, experience, and equipment to handle them.

We'll also take measurements of your space and give you an estimate on the materials and the time we'll need for the installation. It's a great time to ask if you have questions about commercial carpet or other products. We're ready to answer and move towards your best experience.

Visit us for your commercial flooring installation needs

At Hastings Floor Covering, we work to ensure your successful results for any remodel, working with the honesty for which we’re known. As you work with our staff, you’ll find personal attention and dedication that gives you the perfect floor covering and results. When you share your needs with our attentive staff, we’ll take care of the rest.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Groveland, MA, for the best commercial flooring installation. Our goal is to create surfaces that will meet your most significant needs. We're proud to serve residents in Essex County, MA and Rockingham County, NH, so stop by today or contact us at your convenience.